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The family and I kind of got into it on Thanksgiving over the concept of BMI (body mass index).  The Mister recently lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 pounds through the painstaking process of replacing his morning Mountain Dews with protein shakes and taking some regimen of expensive vitamins. Last week he noted that [...]

Last night I was accosted with a real-life example of exactly what I was talking about yesterday, what with the folks trying to establish their coolness by exclusion.  But this took it up a notch- the offender actually all but completely called out the subtext in his own words. I was walking down the hall [...]

I’ve been considering, over the last few years of neglecting to journal at all, what it was that caused me to move away from writing.  It definitely wasn’t a conscious choice, and it wasn’t a writer’s block situation where I was trying to write and just couldn’t come up with anything- it was more of [...]

Steven Pinker is doing a talk on campus today to promote his new book.  I don’t know a lot about the guy other than he seems to be a controversial figure, and doing a little research I can see why- he’s into cognitive science (love) but also evolutionary psychology, the broad idea of which (brains [...]

Internets!  I have been accused of seeking out misery.  Not in so many words, but I did mention to someone who asked, “so that’s what you read if you think the world doesn’t suck enough already?” which my babelfish fed back to me as “you’re looking for reasons to be upset!” Well.  I don’t [...]

So it’s not all just bullshit?

February 23rd, 2011

Looks like my money’s going toward something worthwhile after all.  It’s hard to tell sometimes when you’re dealing with stuff at such a theoretical level, and have no chance to put any of it into practice.  I was recently hit over the head with how some of this this psych theory plays out in real [...]

Entertainments I Have Known

January 31st, 2011

Some things that have provided pleasurable diversion for me in the last few days:   1. The Anosognosic’s Dilemma: Something’s Wrong, But You’ll Never Know What It Is A wonderfully written 5-part series by Errol Morris on the class of psychological afflictions which fall under the “unknown unknowns” descriptor, and how this can be extrapolated [...]

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